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Bsnl online telephone directory to search phone numbers

How to use Bsnl online telephone directory to search phone numbers?

Today, we shall learn how to search specific company number or friends home landline number using BSNL online telephone numbers directory.

Step 1Open BSNL Website (www.bsnl.co.in)

Step 2: On the left hand side, you will see Telephone Directory Search option

BSNL online telephone directory

Fig.: BSNL online telephone directory

Step 3: Under that option you can find phone numbers  4 ways as:

On Map, State-wise, STD Code, ISD Code. You can search by any way as your own choice.

We select as State-Wise.

Step 4: Now, you will get different states lists in India. Choose state in which you find contact number of person that you want. e.g. Maharashtra

Step 5: Now, it will open new window. Now, select proper district. e.g. Pune

Step 6: Now, it will show search number form. You can search any number in that district in three different ways as,

1. Search by Name

2. Search by Address

3. Search by Telephone Number

Step 6: Choose proper search type and enjoying online BSNL landline phone directory.

Among above three search methods, the third searching method i.e. Search by Telephone Number is very useful in case of someone gives miss call to you. Then you can find out that persons detail information using this online phone directory.

Bsnl online numbers directory

Fig: Bsnl online landline numbers directory

[*NOTE: Applicable in India only]

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